The In-Between is Everything is my story.

The book is about my experience with cancer and the lessons I learned through it. I had my priorities messed up. If you would have asked me before cancer what was most important to me, I would have told you my family, my friends, and all those things that should be. If you looked at my planner and how I spent my time and energy, you would see something different. I wasn’t living the life I wanted, the life I intended. When I found out I had cancer, everything changed. Not everyone has cancer, but everyone has something. If you want to read about how I navigated this new life, then please read my book. I wrote it all in those pages, my whole heart and soul, the good, the bad, and the really ugly. I did so because I hoped that my story might inspire others to live their best lives, to stop wasting time, and to remember that the good stuff wasn’t found in the big moments, but in all the little moments ‘in-between.”.

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Navigating Life with

Faith, Hope, and Celebration

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“You can find joy, something good, in every situation, in every circumstance, but you have to be willing to look for it.”

Jennifer Lilley Collins