Morning Walk

In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly.

(Psalm 5:3 NIV)

Open eyes to sun-soaked room

Sleepy stretch and stir awake

Feet touch down upon the floor

First steps prepare to take

Before I stand

I kneel and pray

So grateful to you, Lord

For waking me today

Made it to kitchen

Shoes on my feet

Music ready

Morning air to greet

The sun-kissed dew

Sparkles so

Blue skies waiting

Off I go

My feet they march

Upon the ground

One, then two

Rhythm found

Each step I take

Silent I pray

Thank you, Lord

For waking me today

Cool breeze blows

Sun shines down

Birds they chirp

Bees buzz ‘round

Flowers bloom

Colors bright

Green leaves sway

In morning light

Legs they carry

Body and soul

Mind unsettled

Heart not whole

Heavy thoughts

In the way, still

Thank you, Lord

For waking me today

Doubts they cloud

Mind overflowing

Burdened be

Feet keep going

Got the news

Heavy heart

Life gone too soon

Lives ripped apart

Still I walk

Still I breathe

Why did she go?

Why not me?

Beautiful morning

Again I say

Thank you, Lord

For waking me today

Take a breath

Life sustained

Soul is crushed

Feeling pained

Walked same path

Different shoes

Desperate to win

Still she’d lose

Guilt pursues

A quickened pace

But won’t let fear

Win this race

I’m still here

God knows why

Must choose to live

Not wait to die

Live for the moment

No other way

Thank you, Lord

For waking me today

I’ll walk for her

And others too

Who can no longer walk

Like I can do

Feel the wind on my face

The sun on my skin

No trophy, no medal

But life for the win

Drink it all in

Bask in the rays

Breathe in God’s goodness

The rest of my days

Not my place to question

His Will be done

It’s by living, not dying

This race will be won

My steps may be numbered

Still humbly I say

Lord, I’m grateful to you

For waking me today

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord uphold him with His hand.

Psalm 37:23-24, NIV

In memory of Debbie, Angi, Terri, Melanie, Cathy, Ellen, and Crystal;

and in tribute to all the others living with metastatic breast cancer

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  1. Beautifully written, yet so sad. Not only dealing with the challenges you face daily, but also the additional losses of those you have gotten to know along the way. You did not choose this path, but way you face it head on is amazing to me.

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