Wake Up

Get out from the covers, my dear sleepyhead

Don’t let the sun beat you out of your bed,

The day is awaiting, new mercies it brings

the birds are awake, hear the songs that they sing

Jump up, don’t be lazy, put your feet on the floor

Stand up to this new day, be anxious no more

No need to worry, brush that fear from your heart

Cast your cares on our God, for He set you apart

That fire in your belly, you’ve ignored for so long

You thought you couldn’t, but you thought wrong

God called you for greatness and purpose from birth

How much time must pass to realize your worth

That time has now come on this very day

You are loved, you are cherished, in a wonderful way

Reach up with both hands, it’s your gift to claim

Like the stars up in heaven, He calls you by name

He knows you can do it and deep down you do too

Why are you waiting? You know that it’s true

Step out of the darkness and into the light

You have to see by faith with God, not by sight

Shine bright for the others, let them see what’s inside

Put your heart on your sleeve, no reason to hide

Don’t whisper or tiptoe or stand at the door

Walk boldly, move forward, get out and explore

The world is waiting and time is fleeting

Put your hand on your chest, feel your heart beating

The breeze in your hair, the sun on your face

Life is happening right now, right here in this place

Don’t waste it, don’t miss it, don’t toss it away

You came here to visit but you know you can’t stay

Make your mark on this world while given the chance

Don’t tread on the others, rather ask them to dance

Be generous with kindness, with patience and love

Be discerning with time for there is never enough

Don’t put money before family, busy before friend

You’ve got forgiveness to offer, relationships to mend

What is honest and just, pure, lovely and true-

Think on these things as He called you to do

Don’t get lost in the fury of this fallen world’s way

Don’t worry for tomorrow, just embrace today

When you fail to move, the seconds tick by

the seconds become a minute, and a minute becomes goodbye

Look up at the sunrise, how the colors they glow

The others, they’re sleeping – they just don’t know

The colors are fading, hurry, they’re starting to pass

like the diamonds hanging on the morning grass

The flowers they’re blooming, the leaves turning green

But they’re all in a rush, such beauty unseen

Alarm clocks are buzzing, the ants fall in line

marching onward and upward but what’s left behind

bedtime stories closed tight on the shelves up on top

no time for that now, the floor needs a mop

Late nights at the office, get in early too

no rest for the weary, there’s so much to do

The sun’s overhead now, white clouds and blue sky

Eyes straight ahead though, traffic is high

Phones go unanswered, moments unshared

They’d give anything to know someone cared

Schedules are busy, stretched way too thin

Running a race they don’t need to win

Notice the flowers, the sky, and the bees

the first robin in springtime, in fall the first leaves

Memorize the freckles on your little boy’s nose,

remember counting ten fingers and ten tiny toes

Hear the echo of your little girl’s laugh

the popsicles, the dress-up, and warm bubble baths

The moments they pass so unbelievably fast

good things, there are many, but they do not last

Take the picture but remember to look up from the lens

Watch it in real time beginning to end

Capture the moments in your mind and your heart

Be there in the present, “all in” at the start

These are the days the Lord has made

don’t get caught up like Martha playing the maid

Bad times they will come and bring knees to the floor

they grieve for things of this world, but God grieves them more

Sit down at His feet and lend Him your ear

His Word will bring comfort if willing to hear

The colors of evening now fill up the sky

So hard to believe so much time has passed by

The sun shines now but will dip into the earth

You know it’s been coming, it’s been coming since birth

When your sunset arrives, you’ll look back on your days

be grateful for your blessings and give the Lord praise

“Well done, good and faithful servant,” God will then say

you lived by His Word, and loved Jesus’ way

That day lies ahead, time is still on your side

Let go of the anger, the selfishness and pride

Cherish your loved ones, make sure that they know

just how much they mean to you, tell them so

Find joy where you can, you might have to look

it’s in chocolate chip cookies, a soft blanket, a book

The waves of the ocean, a hot cup of tea

Slow down, take notice, and then you will see

The amazing and the wonderful this life to us brings

but we miss it focusing on all the wrong things

Look up to the heavens, thank God for this day

Drink it all in, jump for joy, have your say

A new day is dawning, horizon etched with light

A chance to start over, to finally get it right

It’s waiting for you, get out of that bed

It’s been there all along, wake up sleepyhead