In the Sharing, I Find Healing

LifeConfetti is not just a hobby.
It is a way to share my heart.
And in sharing, I find healing.

I love the fall season!

I had a great time putting together October and November’s LifeConfetti bags; and I embraced fall themes for the contents of the bags as well as in the presentation. You know the LifeConfetti bags have to be pretty, right?

Seriously, a lot of love goes into these bags every month.

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Creating Hope and Shining Light

Be joyful in hope, 

Patient in affliction,

Faithful in prayer. 

Romans 12:12, NIV


I love that verse.

It is an instruction manual for navigating through difficult times. Even during our darkest hours; when we have faith, we have hope.

Set your mind on things above.

And even in the midst of our trials; with hope, comes joy.

Count it all as joy.

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Keeping His Memory Alive

Every month, I take gift bags to my local cancer center, the same place where I had treatment the first time I was diagnosed, and where I go for monthly bloodwork, injections, and appointments.  Although I would love to do more, I can’t take bags for all the patients, but I take a dozen bags each month and pass them on to the wonderful oncology nurses who distribute them to those who could use a little pick-me-up as they go through treatment.  I have taken everything from comfort items to lipstick to Bibles and cake mixes.  Each month, I plan the gift bags around a theme.  I typically put these bags together myself or with the help of my loving mother; but, over the last couple of years, generous people have donated money, time, or materials to help fill these bags.

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